A Brief History of Marlin Sportfishing by Captain Anthony Frascatore

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Familiar to many from Ernest Hemingway’s book The Old Man and the Sea, the sport of marlin fishing continues to grow in popularity. As a fish that can reach 14 feet long and more than a thousand pounds, the marlin remains a coveted prize for skilled fishermen. For example, the all tackle record blue marlin listed by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) weighed in at 1,402 pounds.

Big-game fishing, which includes marlin, became an established sport in the late 1800s with the formation of the first official club for sports fishermen. Originally, it required much skill to land a fish like the marlin; the fisherman had to work with a reel and line from a boat powered only by oars, just as the old man in Hemingway’s novel did. However, the invention of the motor expanded and facilitated the sport, and Hemingway himself took advantage of this in his own boats.

In the 1930s, interest in hunting marlins grew considerably, and fishermen flocked to places such as Bimini in the Bahamas, which is still called the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” It was here that Hemingway drew his inspiration for The Old Man and the Sea, and his influence as an author further impacted the spread of marlin fishing.

Another development in sportfishing originated with Michael Lerner’s establishment of the IGFA in 1939. Created to regulate ethical fishing practices, the IGFA provided a formal structure that facilitated the promotion of the sport and tracked world fishing records. Hemingway also had a hand in the IGFA, serving as a vice president for the organization until his death.

Today, the preferred method for catching marlin involves trolling lures behind the boat like Hemingway used to. The sport still draws anglers from all over the world, each of them trying to catch the next record-breaking fish.

About the Author: An avid fisherman himself with nearly 15 years of experience, Captain Anthony Frascatore operates his own sportfishing company, AJF International Sportfishing, offering charters from Mexico to the Mid-Atlantic.


Anthony Frascatore on the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship

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Owner of AJF International Sportfishing, Anthony Frascatore participates in a number of sportfishing tournaments on an annual basis. One of these is the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship, a one-day tournament that takes place in July every year. Since its inception in 1984, the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship has been won by teams fishing at locations around the world. Fishing begins at 8:30 am and goes until 4:30 pm, local time. Each team decides where they would like to fish. For each competing boat, there is an entry fee of USD $3,000, which must be paid to International Gamefisherman, Inc. prior to the start of the competition. There are no refunds for inclement weather. Only blue marlin fish weighing over 500 pounds qualify for the prize, and any fish below this weight must be released back into the wild. The winning fish is the heaviest caught by a competing team, and the prize consists of 80 percent of the collected entry fees. The World Cup Blue Marlin Championship mandates strict specifications on the type of equipment that may be used for the competition. Generally, fishing line should be 125 or 130 lb and approved brands include Ande, Berkley, Momoi, Sufix, and Western Filament. A complete listing can be found on the competition website. All participants are responsible for contracting a qualified weight master that has been approved by International Gamefisherman, Inc. The weight and length of the fish must be taken by the weight master and verified by two or more independent witnesses. These measurements, along with photographs, should be submitted to the competition office as soon as possible, ideally as the fish are caught, but before midnight on the day of the competition, at the latest. More information can be found at www.bluemarlinworldcup.com.

About Anthony Frascatore

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A seasoned fishing captain, Anthony Frascatore possesses over a decade of expansive sportfishing experience and knowledge. Anthony Frascatore began his career working privately for Bill May on the Boss Lady. Before he was 20, Frascatore found himself fishing numerous seasons in the Bahamas, Stuart, Florida, MoreHead City, North Carolina, as well as the Oregon Inlet. Anthony Frascatore remained with the Boss Lady for 10 years before embarking upon fishing adventures spanning from Texas to Australia. Among his many journeys across the world, in just one season (four months), Anthony Frascatore took part in 22 tournaments in the Bahamas. He also fished the Mid-Atlantic Tournament season and the overnight New Jersey tuna season. In 1998, Anthony Frascatore launched AJF International Sportfishing. Designed for both experienced sportfishers looking for the next great challenge and budding fisherman out to try something new, all clients of AJF International Sportfishing receive first-hand education from an insightful, passionate teacher. Anthony Frascatore maintains an active lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and free-diving outside of his time with AJF International Sportfishing. One of Anthony Frascatore’s current adventures consisted of catching sailfish in Isla Mujeres during the winter. He also recently participated in a sailfish tournament in Palm Beach and Stuart, Florida. Anthony Frascatore earned his education from the Chapman School of Seamanship. More information about Anthony Frascatore and AJF International Sportfishing can be found at the company website at http://www.ajfinternationalsportfishing.com.